What we do, who we are

IMG_2626Hello! We moved to Yorkshire back in April from a sleepy Welsh town called Llanelli – which is where we met, working on a local newspaper. Now we live in Leeds and as well as being 200+ miles away, the two places are worlds apart.

For one thing, Yorkshire seems to be a place with a lot going on. Which is nice, since we both like going on little adventures. Whether it’s a sprawling National Trust-run estate, a little houmous hut in the market, or a cracking good pub to sit and sup some nice beers we’re up for checking it out.

Who we are

Chad is originally from Gateshead (MetroCentre Land for those in the area, Newcastle’s lesser known neighbour for everyone else). He is a former reporter for the Llanelli Star and the South Wales Evening Post, and now works for NHS Digital in the media relations department. He likes music, meat, beer and discovering new things.

Karis is from Cardiff (capital city of Wales and home to the Princip… Millennium Stadium). She does not speak Welsh, but will make something up if you ask nicely. She is a former sub editor (spell-checker) for the Llanelli Star, Carmarthen Journal and South Wales Evening Post and now works for a children’s charity in the press department. She likes books, vegetables, rum and photography.