Otley: rural idyll


So a bit of disclosure to start here – this wasn’t the first time we visited Otley. DSC_7725

Up until recently two of our friends lived down one of the impossibly bumpy country roads where, more often than not, you encounter a tractor trundling along.

But this is the first time we’ve really explored the quaint little town on the north-western fringes of Leeds.

We were in the town for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to air the camera (which has been gathering a lot of dust since our last holiday) and take some pictures of farm animals and the like – such as the rather splendid looking horses above.

The second reason was that Chad wanted fish and chips. And not just any fish and chips. He wanted ones from Otley. He wanted ones from Uncle Joe’s in Otley.

DSC_7769As it turns out, the two reasons were the perfect combination. After a long walk around the farmland surrounding the town, where I took snaps of anything that looked vaguely interesting and we were briefly stalked by an *adorable* foal (right), we had worked up the perfect level of appetite to wolf down a hefty portion of chips (and Chad a large piece of battered haddock).

Must see/do

  • Take a stroll through the public footpaths on the local farmland to get some great views of horses, sheep and cattle but *disclaimer* use your common sense and don’t get too close to the farm animals!
  • DSC_7780Uncle Joe’s fish and chips – just around the corner from Sainsbury’s in the centre of town.  The chips were okay, but the Icelandic fish is (reportedly – you’ll have to take Chad’s word for it) very good.
  • For those visiting the town later in the evening, the North Bar is a great little social place to have a chilled out pint in a friendly and ambient setting. There’s also plenty of outdoor seating, although on busy nights it can be tough to get a table.

Would we visit again?

We left the town feeling like there was definitely more to see and do, so yes – we will be back to Otley. What we’ve seen so far is great, but popping along on one of the town’s Market Days is definitely on the cards.



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